Finatra : Building Rest APIs Made Simple

Finatra : Building Rest APIs Made Simple


Finatra is an open-source project by Twitter that can be used to build REST APIs in Scala programming language. Finatra is a framework for easily building API services on top of  Twitter-server, Finagle, and Twitter-util.

  1. Finagle: It provides the building blocks for most of the code we write on the JVM. It has long-served as our extensible, protocol-agnostic, highly-scalable RPC framework
  2. Twitter Server:It provides elegant integration with twitter flags for parameterizing external server configuration, an HTTP admin interface, tracing functionality, lifecycle management, and stats.
  3. Twitter-Util: A bunch of idiomatic, small, general purpose tools for Scala.

Finatra allows you to easily define a server and (in the case of an HTTP service) controllers — a service-like abstraction which define and handle endpoints of the server. You can also compose filters either per controller, per route in a controller, or across controllers.

Building A Simple Hello Application

In This Blog , We Will…

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